Auto Body

Auto Collision Specialists

When dealing with a car that has been hit, especially muscle & classic cars or cars that have sheet metal parts that are expensive or not readily available extreme body work care must be taken. Body shop technicians should at the very least be certified in some aspect of auto collision and damage repair. Below is a video of some auto collision specialists performing their craft. Take a look and let us know what you think.


Final Body Shop Product

Now that you see what quality auto collision work looks like first hand, you can better judge if the auto collision repair center you are choosing is a great fit for your crashed or damaged vehicle. We say great, because when finding a body shop you should never just settle for good. Vehicles that do not leave a body shop in pristine condition are forever plagued when the time comes to sell or trade in the vehicle Smart buyers know how to look for previous auto body damage and can find it easily with the slightest mistake by the body shop. Some buys will even go to the extent of taking a magnet to the body to insure no Bondo lies underneath the surface of the paint. Buys like this can not be fooled by poor work from a sub par or even “good” body shop.

Quality Auto Body Paint Products

Another key component to great body work is making sure quality auto body paints are used. We have found one of the top companies in the auto collision industry is by far DuPont. DuPont has been a leading supplier to body shops for quite some time and have a name in the industry. The have made a name for themselves by delivering quality paint and auto body finishing products time and time again. Take a look at their auto body and exterior products page, you will see some of the huge products DuPont is involved with including past sponsorships with Nascar’s Jeff Gordon.